Are you a civil protection professional?
Would you like to learn about the techniques and working methods practised in other organisations while representing your institution abroad?

The Exchange of Experts Programme in civil protection offers you an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences at operative, tactical, scientific and at a policy/planning level. You can take part in an exchange by yourself or with a small group (max. 10 persons).

Special consideration will be given to experts in the areas of particular relevance to the UCPM:

Expert classification
prevention and preparedness
(deputy) intervention team leaders
liaison officers
technical experts
assessment experts
members of coordinating teams
coordination staff
key national contact points
staff responsible for emergency call handling and trainers
policy making on disaster management


The exchange aims to give you an insight into your host country’s civil protection structures. You could take part in national exercises as an observer, visit training facilities, take part in courses or pass on your specialist knowledge by training others.

Along the way you can make new contacts and perhaps initiate a more wide-ranging partnership with your host organisation. Your individual wishes can be taken into account by the host organisation.

It should be noted that the sole participation in workshops, seminars, conferences in Member States or the participation in simulation exercises organised by the European Commission does not fall under the remit of the Exchange of Experts Programme.

Apply for an exchange

The application process             
We strongly recommend you contact your National Training Coordinator
 for guidance before submitting the application.

Once you have submitted your application send the completed application form to your National Training Coordinator. The National Training Coordinator will evaluate your application.

This approval is referred to the Programme Team. If you are registering as a group, each expert must complete a separate application form and indicate the names of the other group members. Your application must also contain a clear and focused motivation statement that outlines the expected benefits and outcomes of the exchange.

Over the next few months the Programme Team will look for a suitable exchange partner for you, provided you have not suggested one yourself. In the event that your suggested partner organisation is not available, we reserve the right to propose alternatives.

Following the examination and final approval of the proposed exchange by the European Commission, the Programme Team will begin the arrangements for transportation and accommodation. You will receive your tickets and all other necessary documents in good time before your departure.

Please note: Changes to travel dates or programme content are only possible in exception cases and must be approved by the Programme Team and by the European Commission.

Logistic matters
The Exchange of Experts Programme will pay for your travel and lodging out of project funds in accordance with the standards stipulated by the European Commission. Your ticket and accommodation will be booked and paid for before your exchange begins.

Reporting on your exchange

Feedback plays an important role in the ongoing refinement of the Exchange of Experts Programme and has contributed greatly to the success of the Programme over the past years. It helps the Programme Team to improve future exchanges and is a useful instrument to help you reflect on and develop the benefits and lessons learned from the exchange.

In case of group exchanges the experts coming from the same organisation are required to develop a joint Field report. As a practice, joint reports were made in the past even in case of multinational group exchanges therefore the experts are encouraged to do so.